Public Works

Township Office
(906) 482-4310

Lead DPW Person
(906) 281-1483


Charter Portage Township has three people working in our Department of Public Works (DPW).

The (DPW) maintains the Township's water and sewer systems. That includes doing such things as; individual home water meter installation and monthly reading, services and maintains the diesel generators and sewage lift pumps at our two lift stations, installs new water service lines, removes blockages in lines, monitors the supply and quality of our drinking water, maintains and operates our hydrosphere, flushes the townships fire hydrants, etc.

The DPW staff also maintains the recreational facilities that the Township owns and operates like the Dodgeville ice rink, Hurontown and the Tapiola recreational areas.

Operates and maintains the Township's heavy equipment.

Works closely with Miss Dig and MDOT permitting on public works projects.

Maintains the Township's buildings which includes general maintenance as well as needed winter snow plowing.

Assists the Staff at Forest Hills Cemetery with needed equipment maintenance and grounds keeping activities.

Works closely with adjoining Units of Government DPW and water staff on projects along the Township boundaries.

Assists private contractors with Township projects and township utility location identification.

Employment Descriptions