Planning Commission

The Planning Commission has the statutory authority to regulate and control the development and use of property within their jurisdictions to promote public health, safety and welfare.

Portage Township has a Master Plan that ensures that the development within the Township is coordinated, harmonious, efficient, and economical; it considers the character of the Township and its land uses; promotes public health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity, and the general welfare.

Portage Township is zoned. This zoning ordinance regulates the use of the land and structures to meet the needs of the State's citizens for food, fiber, energy and other natural resources, places of residence, recreation, industry, trade, service and other land uses of the land; to ensure the use of the land is situated in appropriate locations and relationships; to limit the inappropriate overcrowding of the land and congestion of the population, transportation systems and other public facilities; and to facilitate adequate and efficient transportation systems, sewage dispersal, water, energy, education, recreation, and other public service and facility requirements.

Membership on the Planning Commission is appointed by the Township Supervisor, subject to the approval of the majority of the Township Board, and consists of between five and nine members. The terms of the members are for three years, except when appointed, they may be for one, two or three years to affect staggered terms. One member of the Township Board must be a member of the Planning Commission. Planning Commission members must be qualified electors of the Township, except for one may be a non-elector.

All meetings of the Commission are subject to the Michigan Open Meetings Act and to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act.

If a Commission member has a conflict of interest concerning and issue before the Commission, the member must disclose the conflict to the Commission for resolution of the member's right to further participate on the issue.

The Planning Commission id required to meet at least four times per year. The Commission determines the time and place of any and all meetings.